The Big Mzungu

The Big Mzungu

We just finished up the second day at the Kimbo medical camp outreach. We were able to see 1,100 patients today bringing our two-day total to 2,000. It is truly exhausting work. There are hundreds of people who are given the diagnosis and the medication they desperately need, but there are many more cases that are beyond our ability to provide medical treatment for. Those people are encouraged to check in at the prayer tent.

Many inspiring stories have come out of the prayer tent over these last few days, but I want to focus on one in particular that is too good not to share. On Sunday morning, before Scott Andrina joined up with the team in Kenya, I made sure everyone knew we had an evangelist who was coming to minister at the medical camp. Apparently, word went far and wide that he was here, and so, Monday we had a steady flow of people wanting to pray with the evangelist. One young man in particular who we call “Eddy” was persuaded by a group of friends to come see the big mzungu (white) man named Scott in the prayer tent. By this time, Scott had a team consisting of an interpreter, an intercessor, and a scribe who was documenting everything, all from the PEFA church, who were assigned to work with him.

Eddy began confessing many things to the team and shared with them what was burdening him in his life. As they laid hands on him and began to pray, he started to quiver and shake uncontrollably. Tears were flowing down his face as the team led him through a prayer of deliverance. Although Eddy had attended church for a few years, he had never turned his life over to Jesus. He asked the team to lead him in a prayer to ask Jesus to be the Lord of his life. Following this prayer, he immediately jumped up from his seat and ran out of the tent. No one was sure where he went in such a hurry, but an hour and a half later he reappeared with his friend Alex. Alex was a friend Eddy partied with. Eddy told him he had to come see the big mzungu (white) man in the prayer tent and give his life to Jesus too, and that’s exactly what he did.

These camps are very exhausting, but it’s amazing how energizing experiences like these can be. We were all left saying, “God is so good”, or “mungu yu mwema” in Swahili. Looking forward to day three!


The Big mzungu with Eddy (left) and Alex