Simeon and Mary Obayo

Simeon and Mary Obayo

Everywhere we go in Kakamega people know Bishop Simeon Obayo. There are a lot of bishops (pastors) in Kenya, but Simeon is The Bishop. Today, we held a 50th anniversary celebration for both he and his wife Momma Mary at Kakamega high school. It was a grand affair with people coming from all over the country and out of country to honor Simeon and Mary Obayo. The anniversary will be immediately followed by Simeon’s official retirement from official duties with the PEFA denomination and his role as Senior Pastor at Kakamega PEFA church.

The community came together for a Harambe to help buy Simeon and Mary an SUV as an anniversary/retirement gift. WorldComp was able to pitch in a significant portion of the $15,000 needed, but still we needed $3,000 to complete the fundraising and purchase the vehicle outright. I wanted to ask those of you who would be willing to pitch in and bless this amazing couple to give toward the purchase of this SUV. Just click here and write Simeon in the details box. Any gift would be a huge blessing.

Simeon and JeremiahSimeon retirement gift

I’ve included a tribute from Richard Vicknair who has worked alongside Simeon for 40 years. He has an amazing perspective on the impact of Simeon’s ministry through the years.


Today we honor and celebrate the life and ministry of Simeon and Mary Obayo. In their 50 years of service they have made a significant impact on the nation of Kenya and on the lives of thousands of grateful people. They are truly a special couple, beloved by people all over the world.

For 37 years now, we have had the privilege of walking with Simeon and Mary in an intimate way. We consider them our best friends in this world and we truly honor them as true Servants of Christ.

Our Lord has said, “You will know them by their fruit”. The fruit of this couple is evident. First, they have born good fruit in their family. All of their children are serving the Lord and making their mark on the world. They have born fruit in their 50 years of ministry. Literally hundreds of Kenyan leaders consider Simeon and Mary their spiritual father and mother in their work for the Lord. Countless numbers of people have come to know the Lord through their testimony of Christ. All of us have witnessed first hand Simeon and Mary’s great love for children. It has been one of the great hallmarks of their lives. We at Worldcomp are comforted and blessed to know that they plan to make their retirement home next to our Home of Grace Orphanage in Kakamega. Mary and Simeon are passing on a great legacy to a new generation of Christian young people.

“Greater love, has no man than this; that he lays down his life for his friends.” Simeon is the epitome of love and forgiveness. Throughout his years of ministry he has displayed the Spirit of Christ by loving and forgiving anyone who hurt him in life. Simeon has consistently displayed love without partiality.

Mary is the epitome of generosity. Throughout her life she has opened her hands and heart to the poor and the needy and been a source of blessing to thousands. Mary is a woman of great strength. In times of sickness and need, she has courageously shouldered the burdens of her husband and family.

On this special occasion we stand with the Lord to say “Well done! Good and faithful servants. This, however, is not the end, it is a new beginning. May you have many more years of fruitful ministry as you continue to love and serve the people of this world.

With great love and appreciation
Richard and Valerie Vicknair