Shikusa Boys

Shikusa Boys

Yesterday, we made our way to the Shikusa boys detention center. It’s the largest juvenile detention in Kenya, housing some 384 boys between the ages of 15-17. WorldComp has made a significant investment here over the years providing mattresses, beds, a basketball sport court, as well as medical care.

The first order of business was to provide medical care for the boys who were sick. We saw around 30 boys with anything from malaria to infected wounds. They do have a medical clinic here, but it is rarely stocked with the medicines needed to provide regular treatment. After treating the sick, we were able to leave them a significant stock of medicines to ensure the boys can receive ongoing treatments.

Following the mini medical camp, we received a tour of the grounds at Shikusa. There are 1,500 acres of farm land here. It’s a beautiful, lush setting that inspires the soul. While some of the conditions are lacking in this facility, I found myself wondering if these boys weren’t better off than our own kids locked up at King County Juvenile. At least here they are given the opportunity to work the farmland and soak in the open space. They grow their own food here and raise livestock to put food on the tables. It’s a highly nutritious meal and healthy portion as well.

Shikusa dorm

Shikusa lunch

Lastly, my wife Deborah has been working with some of the other moms at Kings schools to provide sports jerseys for the schools we support here in Kenya. We were able to give the boys about 15 jerseys from the “all out” girls volleyball team. We didn’t have the heart to tell them these jerseys were designed for girls. If you ask me, they made them look good!

Shikusa jerseys