Final thoughts from Kimbo

Final thoughts from Kimbo

The conclusion to the Kimbo medical outreach is behind us now, but I wanted to share some final thoughts with all of you. The sum total of patients treated during the three days reached just over 3,000. Dr. George Matimbai informed me this figure is a minimal number. By the time the paperwork is all in, we could exceed that number by the hundreds.

The size and scope of the camp is truly remarkable. There were some 100 volunteers and paid medical workers on site making it all happen. Considering the medical equipment at the camp is at a minimum, it is incredible how many people are given quality treatment and medication. The bottom line is, most people are suffering from ailments that can be easily treated with a solid diagnosis and basic medications. Our well stocked pharmacy is the key to our success. Access to free drugs makes the difference between a person dying of pneumonia, or losing a limb due to infection.

On the second day of the camp, I was introduced to a local Government official who visited us to see this good thing happening in her community. She was thanking us profusely for serving the people of Kimbo. As an advocate for her community, she brought a young man with her who had a severely broken collarbone which he had sustained in a fall from a second story building. She didn’t bother bringing him to the hospital, rather, she chose to bring him to the camp realizing his treatment there would be a cut above the treatment he would receive at the local level four hospital.

One of the volunteer doctors working at the camp is also one of the head doctors at the local hospital. He was telling us over tea about a family he had treated just two weeks previous at the hospital. He had given them a diagnosis, but they were unable to purchase the necessary medications needed to remedy their conditions. He was shocked to find the same family walk into the medical camp. He gave them the same diagnosis he had given them two weeks prior, but in full confidence they would get the medications through our pharmacy free of charge.

These are just a few of the stories we have heard over the last three days. There are many more things to say, and many more people were helped. We thank all of you who have participated in donating to WorldComp’s medical missions. We are saving lives together.


Dr. George debriefing with the medical team


The prescription station at the end of the day

The Big Mzungu